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Announcing the Winners of the 2024 Art and Poetry Contest



2024 Alisal Art and Poetry Contest

A Poetry and Art Contest open to all Alisal USD students 

Art and poetry offer important avenues of expression for everyone, young and old. Now in its fourth year, the Art and Poetry Contest offers Alisal USD students an outlet to express themselves; to observe the world around them and find a way to express appreciation for it using their artistic and literary talents. 


In this year’s theme: “A Good Leader is… What Do I Admire in a Leader?” students had an opportunity to reflect on who they consider a leader: Their teachers? Parents? Aunts or Uncles? Many students choose their teachers, and many also choose their parents. A few looked beyond and honored political leaders from the present and past. 


We were encouraged to see many entries from RSP classes. Often, students who have special needs receive few opportunities to express themselves, and it was particularly rewarding to provide this avenue for their expression. 


This was also the first year in which students were given the opportunity to submit their entries in Spanish, and we were glad to see one excellent entry. Congratulations, Osmar. Go Lions!


Thank you to all the teachers who encouraged their students to participate, and everyone who supported this contest by selecting winners or promoting participation. Winners will receive a $20 gift card and a medal. Presentations will be scheduled individually. 


Alisal Community


Jonathan V., Poetry, 1st Place

Isaac V., Art, 1st Place




Kassandra U., Poetry, 1st Place




Carter P. & Khloe, Poetry, 1st Place

Ana L., Art, 1st Place

Jerami G., Art, Honorable mention 


Abigail V. & Ariana P., Art, 1st Place

Catalina M., Poetry, 1st Place (Judge’s Award)

Love-Emma M., Poetry, Honorable Mention

Alondra M., Special Award for Creativity


Jaysen J. L., Poetry, 1st Place

Daniel G., Art, 1st Place




Yarely C., Art, 1st Place

Aaliya V., Poetry, 1st Place



Dr. Oscar F. Loya


Nick P., Art, 1st Place

Matias V., Art, 1st Place


Kayla, Art

Isabella Z., and Savannah G., Poetry, 1st place


Kaylani R. and Janeth B., Poetry, 1st place 

Osmar G. C. Poetry, Spanish, 1st place



Sofia H.L., Art, 1st Place


Alexander Z., Art, 1st Place

Dayana M., Poetry, 1st Place


Daniel B., Art, 1st Place



Monte Bella


3-4 Camila J., Art and Poetry, 1st Place



Jesse G. Sánchez


Leslie M., Art, 1st Place