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Alisal Virtual Academy now open

Alisal Virtual Academy is a new “Alternative School of Choice,” and is now open to any student in grades Kindergarten through Sixth in Monterey County.

Although it’s virtual, AVA has a physical presence, so that when you need to come talk to a teacher or an administrator, you will have a place to go.  

The academy is based on the Experiential Learning approach, which has a more hands-on approach to learning,  to make online learning as engaging as possible.

Monthly in-person learning or community events for each grade. These could be hands-on science lessons, field trips, or activity days

AVA is soon becoming a place where kids are excited to learn by doing, making, trying things out and reflecting on how they did.  This is giving both teachers and students a sense of classroom community, and families a sense of school community.

We hope you are excited and interested. To learn more, click on this link.

Or call Program Manager William Franzell at 753-5700 x 4862