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Alisal shout out to our creative and dedicated educators

It's been 10 weeks since our schools were closed, and all Alisal staff continue to perform great work on behalf of students and families. 

This week, we want to send special shout outs to teachers and staff who have found creative ways to keep spirits up and recognize everyone for the work they're doing. 

At Creekside Elementary: Mr. José Juan Urquizo and Ms. Mary Michalski deliver a weekly message for students with pizzazz! They've been dressing up as superheroes (yes, el Chapulín Colorado is a superhero!) or Disney characters, something parents and students love. It's a fun and creative idea that definitely uplifts spirits at Creekside!

And speaking of Creekside, the school was one of three that held car parades recently to reconnect with students. Loya had a parade on Cinco de Mayo, and Chávez began with their own parade a few weeks ago. Cars drove around slowly and carefully through neighborhood streets, and children came out with signs to greet their teachers. It was a moving experience for everyone. 

But there are other ways to lift students' spirits, and at Fremont Elementary, administrators created this heartfelt video to tell students they're missed. Also, on Día del Niño, students were treated to a magic show courtesy of Joshua Logan. Our Fremont Falcons soar!

And speaking of soaring, Sanchez Hawks flew high when school administrators and teachers organized a drive-by awards ceremony. It was a chance for students to be recognized for the hard work they're doing and say hello to their teachers -- with appropriate social distance measures in place. Children dressed their Sunday best, received balloons and flowers, and the atmosphere was as festive as it always is during award ceremonies. What a great treat!

Also, parent educators of the Alisal Family Resource Centers have found new ways to continue reaching out to families. They've organized several food drives and delivered the goods themselves to community members in the fields. Farmworking families are among the most affected by the pandemic, and efforts by our parent educators to reach out to them don't go unnoticed. Thank you so much for keeping our hard working families at the forefront!

Last time we had a shou out posted on Facebook, we got kudos from parents we want to share:


Laura Dillender recognized Jeannie Nilsen Green at Steinbeck for being an outstanding teacher for her son.

Margarita Covarrubias recognized Ms. Nguyen and Mrs Green from Steinbeck.

Karmen Gil recognized Ms. Martinez and Ms. Moreno from Monte Bella. Alicia Lopez recognized all staff at Monte Bella.

Sylvia Melendrez recognized Mrs. Guzman from Virginia Rocca Barton

Mayra Guzman recognized all staff at Alisal Community School.

Diana Guerra recognized Maria Pio-Oros as the best teacher!

We have the best teachers in Salinas, Monterey County, and beyond! Do you have any kudos for a teacher, staff, principal? Send it via Facebook, Twitter, or to