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An #AlisalStrong #AlisalFuerte shout out to...

Only ten days after Monterey County schools closed their facilities to prevent the spread of coronavirus, teachers at Alisal USD began remote instruction electronically. A change of this magnitude is not easy, and to give teachers and staff an extra push on hump day,  we want to give a shout out to some rock stars in the #AlisalFuerte firmament. 

Ms. Clementina Pantoja from MLK and Ms. Monica Moreno from Monte Bella. 

Students from Ms. Pantoja and Ms. Moreno did great during the 3rd annual Student Powered Festival organized by the Monterey Bay Computer Using Educators. Saraí, Ms. Pantoja's student, was the only participant from kindergarten and she won the K-5 category with "Crayons." Areli, Ms. Moreno's student, got first place in the 6 to 8 category with "Space Debris." Victor, also from Monte Bella, got third place with "Ringed tailed Lemurs." Congratulations to these talented students and their dedicated teachers, Ms. Pantoja and Ms. Moreno!

Ms. Linda Roberts from MLK

The fifth grade classroom of Ms. Linda Roberts won the annual Achieve 3000 contest at MLK. Classrooms are eligible to participate if more than 75 percent of the students complete activities in Achieve 3000, one of the literacy programs used in the District. Students need to complete literacy activities assigned by the program and earn high scores. The award is a gift certificate to host a celebration, which will have to be held at a later date. Way to go, Ms. Roberts and students! You're all shining stars in the #AlisalFuerte firmament. 

Mr. Ben Cogswell from Bardin

Mr. Cogswell receives a lot of attention, and with good reason! He's doing a lot of online work not just for his students, but for any student who's interested in watching his KinderRockets nightly book readings, or his molting caterpillars, or his morning pep talks. Did you see the sidewalk chalk drawing he and his family did for earth day? Mr. Cogswell is a bundle of energy, and we're lucky to have him as a shining star in the #AlisalFuerte firmament. 

But Mr. Cogswell is not the only shinning star in the Bardin firmament. We also have Yesenia Gutierrez, Guadalupe Trujillo, Maria Pio-Oros, Ariel Zavala, Kristen Parry, Deanna O'Halloran, Juliana Lopez, Blanca Pauda, and Jorge Hernandez. What a constellation!

Other shout outs go to: 

Teachers and staff at Fremont Elementary. GLT subs: Eutimio Maciel, Veronica Magana, and Yanira Juarez; Intervention teachers: Juan Diaz, Ana Bravo and Elsa Castro; Kinder teachers: Everlyn Meza and Teresa Garcia; 1st grade teacher: Marisa Morales; 2nd grade teachers: Bowen Lee and Maria Ramirez; 4th grade teachers: Debra Davis and Clarisa Rosa; 5th grade teachers: Molly Healy, Karina Navarro, and Joshua Gonzalez; and 6th grade teacher: Sarah Arure. Not to be outdone, Ms. Alberta Bustamante, Maria Rodriguez, Claudia Ruiz, Erik Ruiz and Daniel Esparza have been doing a fabulous job. Thanks, Fremont Falcons! 

All Special Ed staff have pulled together to support students, parents, and other staff members.

Have a shining star in the #AlisalFuerte firmament? Let your PIO know about it!