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Meals will be provided during closure

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

The Alisal Union School District nutrition program will provide an opportunity for families to drive through or walk-up and pick up meals for the children in their family, at a number of school sites.  Children must be present in order for meals to be provided.  The following schools will provide lunch for that day and breakfast for the following day.  Meals will be served between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., Tuesday through Friday, in the parking lot or bus lane at each participating school.  Please stay in your car or walk-up if you have no means of transportation. The meals will be passed out based on the number of children in the car or who walk up with a parent/guardian. 

Schools Offering Meals:

  • Alisal Community          
  • Fremont Elementary 
  • Frank Paul Elementary 
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Academy 
  • Dr. Oscar F. Loya Elementary 
  • Cesar Chavez Elementary
  • Creekside Elementary
  • Bardin Elementary 
    • The following schools will NOT have meals services at their sites, but students can still pick up food at different locations
  • *Virgina Rocca Barton students can pick meals at Frank Paul Elementary
  • *Jesse G. Sanchez students can pick up meals at Martin Luther king Jr. Academy   
  • *John Steinbeck  students can pick up meals at Creekside Elementary
  • *Monte Bella Students can pick up meals at Bardin Elementary

This program will be solely for the pick up of meals and meals will not be consumed on site. We encourage families to continue to be proactive in reducing the risk of COVID-19 by not congregating at the school site once meals have been distributed, continue to wash your hands often, sneeze or cough into a tissue and stay home if you are sick. 



AUSD Interim Superintendent

Jim Koenig