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Trustees select interview panel for superintendent search

The Alisal Union School District Board of Trustees appointed on Wednesday educators and community members who will serve on the superintendent's search interview panel. Trustees also received a mid-year budget report, a report on the activities of the Alisal Family Resource Centers, and on Steinbeck Elementary School, among other issues. 

The meeting opened with Steinbeck students Luis and Sarai leading the Pledge of Allegiance. This is the second meeting in which a student leads the pledge, and it's great to see our students attend Board Meetings. 

Luis and Sarai leading the Pledge of Allegiance

Dr. Carissa Purnell, director of the Alsal Family Resource Centers, gave a report about the myriad of activities and services available to the community at the three centers. It's impressive to hear how much the centers are contributing to the well being of our families and the whole child. Healthy, well rounded children do better in school!


Slide Family Resource Centers report

Moving forward with the search for a new superintendent, trustees selected educators and community members to serve in the interview panel. We would like to thank everyone who volunteered to be considered. 

Rebecca Bishop
George Lopez
Jaime Pastoriza
Rozelena Vasquez
Janet Rodriguez
Solange Keiko Inoue
Esteban Hernandez (Delia Gomez, alternate)
John Jimenez (Elizabeth Armenta, alternate)
Dan Burns -- Superintendent, SUHSD
Chris Barrera -- LULAC (Andrew Sandoval, alternate)
Andrea Manzo BHC (Alma Cervantes, alternate)
Trustee Area 1 -- Mercado (Chavez & FP)
Lorena Mendoza (Blanca Miranda, alternate)
Trustee Area 2 -- Ocampo (Loya & Monte Bella)
Leticia Maravillo
Trustee Area 3 -- Armenta (Creekside, VRB & Steinbeck)
Gloria Gutierrez (Jamie Iverson, Alternate)
Trustee Area 4 -- Gilpas (MLK, Sanchez & Fremont)
Sandra Cuna (Merce Camargo, alternate)
Trustee Area 5 -- Jimenez (Alisal & Bardin)
Rosa Rodriguez (Anastacia Ray, alternate)