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Thanks to all donors for bringing cheer to our students!

Rubio family collage

Many of our students witnessed the generosity of our community before they left for their holiday break: from toys to trees, the items donated show how much the community cares and how generous they are. Among the brightest examples are:

For the second year in a row, the Rubio family (Miguel Rubio, Rocio Soto and their two daughters), donated toys for ALL the students of Jesse G. Sánchez Elementary. The bags of toys were wrapped by an army of volunteers, and delivered on the last day of classes by Santa himself! A million thanks to the Rubio's for making this holiday a bit more special for Sánchez students!

At Bardin Elementary, Samuel and Nalli Muñiz adopted the Kindergarten students from room 3, in Ms. Gutiérrez class. They wrapped and delivered the toys to some very happy and smiley students!

Lowe's Home Improvement in Salinas donated at Christmas tree to Ms. Marisa Morales Andrade's class at Fremont Elementary. The store manager was so touched by Ms. Andrade's plea that the tree would be donated to a family in need that he decided to donate TWO trees instead of one.Ms. Andrade made this video to thank Lowe's. Thank you!