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Korean Education Center seeks to expand language instruction at Alisal USD

Ms. Chang Sook "Hana" Woo, director of the Korean Education Center of the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) in San Francisco, met with Alisal USD Interim Superintendent Jim Koenig, Assistant Superintendent of Education Services Quoc Tran, and Director of Fiscal Services Matthew Dean to talk about the Korean language programs currently existing at the District and the possibility of expanding them. 

Mr. Koenig and Ms. Chang

Currently, two schools of Alisal Union School District -- Monte Bella and Steinbeck -- have Korean language after-school programs, thanks to the support of the South Korean program. Both Ms. Chang and Mr. Tran would like to see Korean language programs expand at Alisal USD.

Steinbeck's Korean language program has been in existence since 2011. The program at Monte Bella began in 2016. 

Mr. Tran said the program offers a great opportunity for Alisal students to explore a culture in the Pacific, which also offers great economic opportunities. 

"Many students are designing their futures in Korea," Ms. Chang said. 

"We see a great future for our students in the South Pacific," Mr. Tran said, listing Korean companies that manufacture household items such as LG and Samsung.

Mr. Tran presented Ms. Chang with a picture of our District's logo as a token of appreciation. Ms. Chang presented Alisal officials with personal business card cases. 

Dean, Koenig, Chang and Tran outside AUSD district office