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Celebrations continue through Hispanic Heritage Month

Fremont Elementary had planned to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month on Sept. 16 but it had to cancel due to the rain.

Undaunted, Dr. Clara Fernandez, the school principal, and Assistant Principal Alberta Bustamante rescheduled the festivities to Sept. 27. Students from the upper and lower grades perform traditional foklorico dances, and Katie Gomez and Adilene Rangel sang "La de la Mochila Azul"

Students sing La de la  Mochila Azul

Trio Los Hermanos Postizos sang beautiful boleros and accompanied the guitar section of our Mariachi Juvenil Alisal. Not the entire Mariachi could be present, but our guitarists are so talented they carried the song on their own -- accompanied by their teachers, of course. 

Mariachi Juvenil Alisal

All and all, it was a hearfelt celebration that was enjoyed by students, staff, and parents alive. It's always great to see students recharge their batteries with events that fortified their sense of culture and sense of self. That's what's whole child education is all about!

Crowd at Fremont during Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration


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