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Trustees establish timeline for hiring of new superintendent

Trustees of the Alisal Union School District established a timeline to select a new superintendent, heard a presentation about the activities at Loya Elementary, received a demonstration about BoardDocs (a management system for their Board Agenda) and congratulated four men for their donation to our students during their Sept. 25, 2019 regular board meeting.  

Starting with the Oct. 16, 2019, board meeting, Alisal Union School District will begin using BoardDocs for their Board Agendas. The online system will make it easier for our employees to produce agendas, and for the public to find information relevant to the district. It's another way to make our district transparent and accessible to the community. 

Our schools have been making presentations to our Board of Trustees about the great programs they have going, and this Wednesday it was the turn of Oscar F. Loya Elementary. Ms. Diana Garcia prepared this video for the presentation. In addition, her students danced "El Baile de los Machetes." Loya is doing a great job!

Mr. Robert Rodriguez, principal of Jesse G. Sanchez Elementary, presented four school benefactors with a picture of the students they took on a shopping spree. Last month, Juan del Real, Jorge Edeza, Miguel Rubio, and Sergio Ceja took 66 Sanchez students on a shopping spree. Mr. Rodriguez had the students pose with their new uniforms for a photo that was gifted to their four benefactors. Thanks again for all you're doing for our students!

Photo presented to four benefactors  

Trustees discussed at length with representatives from McPherson & Jacobson the qualities they're seeking in a new superintendent. They also agreed on a timeline for the superintendent's search. 

Nov. 4-8. An online survey will gather community input regarding desirable qualities for the new superintendent. The survey will be live again Nov. 18-22.

Nov. 19-20. Consultants will interview stakeholder groups to gather input about desirable qualities for new superintendent.  

Dec. 2. Advertisement for the position begins.

Dec. 11. Board of Trustees Meeting. Executive Summary of Stakeholder input

Jan. 16. Application window closes. 

Feb. 5. The Board of Trustees will discuss candidates.

Feb. 27-28 Finalists to be interviewed.

March. New superintendent is announced at a regular board meeting in March. 

July 1. New superintendent begins.


Applications will be received and processed by McPherson and Jacobson. For more information about the superintendent's position, and how to reach McPherson, download the brochure here.