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March Against Bullying essay and sticker contest winners honored

Students receive diplomas

Seventeen students from all 12 schools of Alisal Union School District were honored on Wednesday during the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees for earning top honors in the March Against Bullying sticker contest. Likewise, seven students received a diploma for being the top essay writer at his or her school. 

Aurora receives her recognition

As part of the annual March Against Bullying, students were asked to draw a logo that depicted what it means to be an upstander. Likewise, the essay contest asked students to narrate an event in which they were "upstanders." The March Against Bullying encourages students to be upstanders, to stand up for others in the face of harrassment and to be good citizens. Nearly 1,000 students from Alisal Union School District took part this year. For more information on the March Against Bullying, check out our previous story here

Honored for their sticker contest entry were: 

Monte Bella

Jayden Heriberto Pinon

Jacob Daniel  Martinez



Galilea Velazquez Loredo

Ariana Acevedo

Joanna Barrios

Adan Saldana


Anthony Tapia Arroyo

Asucena Soto

Erica Hernandez Andalon

Jorge Ixta Bairez


Yasmeen Zamudio Soto

Jesse Sanchez

Anette Lopez 

Frank Paul Elementary

Rosario Gallegos



Diana Ayala Reyes

Iris Jarero


Naomi Guido Lopez


Contest winner

Essay Contest Winners

Frank Paul School

Shyleen Garcia  

Perla Espinoza  


Alisal Community School
Rodolfo Pacheco  


Dr. Oscar Loya

Melanie Mendoza. 


Monte Bella

Carlos Rocha-Contreras 


Abrianna Olivares Zavala



Bardin Elementary
Renata Alvarez Martinez -- Sticker contest

Jonh E. Steinbeck Elementary

Aurora Rodriguez -- Essay Contest


*Not all students were present during the board meeting.