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Black History Month gives us all, including Ms. Smith, a reason to celebrate

Every day is Black History for Ms. Tanisha Allen Smith, a special education teacher at Creekside Elementary. But Black History Month gives her a welcome opportunity to showcase her pride in her culture and our African American history -- this year, by decorating the door to her classroom and creating a gallery of prominent Black Americans on her window.

Pictures for Black History
Having a special month “means everything to me,” Ms. Smith said. “It’s the foundation of my culture. I was  raised in a family big on passing down traditions and teaching about our black history we celebrated all year. It's exciting to me to be able to celebrate it here, especially in our district, in my classroom where I’m one of a few who looks like me, who has this skin color, and me working with younger kids and giving them an introduction to revolutionaries and scientists who reflect their teacher is special.”