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Good Teaching Conference, an inspiring day of learning!

Teachers during Good Teaching Conference

The third annual "Good Teaching" conference of the Alisal Union School District took place Monday, Feb. 11, at Jesse G. Sanchez and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Academy. A committee of administrators and teachers worked hard to put together this year's conference, which had more than 30 presenters — most of them Alisal educators — and more than 70 presentations.

George Barcenas

The day-long learning experience kicked off with a moving keynote by George Bárcenas, Technology Coordinator/CTE for Bellevue Union School District in Santa Rosa, Calif.  Mr. Bárcenas told his personal story and how his father arrived in the United States through the Bracero program, an agreement between Mexico and the U.S. to bring temporary workers to work in agriculture and the railroads in the mid 1950s. Mr. Bárcenas the difficulties he had to learn English and the role one teacher had in his educational journey. He encouraged all teachers to look at their students knowing they all have the potential to touch their lives. 

Teachers wearing super hero costumes

The conference's theme was “Super Heroes” and it was easy to spot several teachers wearing capes and masks and superheroes' gear. Kudos to Bardin, as all their teachers were wearing red capes and facemasks!

New this year was a special presentation for administrators by Jay Salerno, director of educational technology at Newington Public Schools and a member of EdTechTeam, a global network of educational technologists. Salernos is a Google Certified Educator and Trainer, and he gave our principals and administrators  new tools to help support their teachers in the classroom.

Jay Salerno

Also new this year, Superintendent Hector Rico and cabinet members presented two sessions: one about "Whole Child Education" and what our slogan means, and another about becoming an administrators. There was much interest and participation in both sessions. 

Administrator's presentation

And the burritos in the morning and tacos during lunch were amazing! Thanks to our food services department for feeding us in the morning, and to our vendors for the delicious quesadillas, nachos and everything else. Oh, and to Galilea for selling Girl Scout Cookies for dessert. 

Taco lunch