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Family plays Santa for our students

Every year, our students receive the visit of Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. 

Santa giving presents

But this year for the first time they all received a gift from the North Pole visitors, thanks to the generosity of Miguel Rubio and Rocio Soto and their children.

"We came out of East Salinas, and we know sometimes children can't get presents," Mr. Rubio said. "My wife Rocio... she went to buy everything. It was a lot of work. This is the first year we decided to do it and we're grateful we're able to do it."

Rubio family with Santa and Mrs. Claus

Mr. Rubio attended Bardin Elementary and Ms. Soto attended Virginia Rocca Barton. Their children attend Steinbeck Elementary. 

Our teachers and staff volunteered to wrap all the presents. Students received their gifts Friday morning, and they all had broad smiles on their faces. 

Children unwrapping gifts

Thank you, familia Rubio. You've made 832 students very happy.