• Mathematics at AUSD

    ENY Materials

    Teacher Editions and Student Books

    The ENY Math materials that were printed for AUSD are slightly different from the materials currently on the ENY site or on EdCaliber. Changes were made to the Student Materials (e. g., using images that print better in gray-scale and adding some of pages that ENY directed teachers to copy). In addition to making changes to the Teacher Editions to reflect the changes made to the Student Books, there are occurrences of teacher instructions left over in the TEs from previous versions that no longer make sense. We have tried to catch these in our version. So, if you download materials from either ENY or EdCaliber, you will find discrepancies between our Student Books/TEs and their Student Materials/TEs. For this reason, we have made the AUSD versions of the ENY materials available for you to download from here if needed or desired.

    The documents should open in the browser in a format that can be projected. From there, the document can be downloaded if you wish. If the document does not display properly, but instead automatically downloads the file (or asks you where you would like it downloaded), try a different browser. They should open fine in Chrome.