• Elizabeth Armenta
    Principal, Alisal Community School
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     1437 Del Monte Avenue • Salinas, CA 93905
    (831) 753-5720 • FAX (831) 753-5725

  • Principal’s Message


    Dear Families,

    WELCOME BACK! On behalf of our Alisal Community School staff, I am happy to welcome you to the 2019-20 school year! It’s school time again and that means a lot of change for children and families. The thought of starting school again comes with mixed feelings. The summer days are gone; however, going back to school can be exciting. Some children begin to feel anxious and nervous about beginning a new school year, so talk to your child about their worries and reassure your children that they will be fine.

     Our teachers and support staff have a lot of exciting events planned for this school year. We set high expectations for our students because we know they surely can reach them. With your support and our commitment your child will surely have a great year!

    We are looking forward to a productive partnership with you to ensure our children can achieve their highest potential. We recognize that in order to be successful in school, our children need support from both the home and school. We know a strong partnership with you will make a great difference in your child’s education. As partners, we share the responsibility for our children’s success and want you to know that we will do our very best to carry out our responsibilities.

    I’m really looking forward working with you and help reach the ultimate goal that is having your child have a successful future.


    Mrs. Armenta