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    Joshua Harris
    Director, Educational Technology
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    Investment in Teachers
    IS Investment in Students

    The function and purpose of the Alisal Educational Technology Department is often conflated with the IT department. However, our main mission is professional development.  We have built what is likely the most prolific professional development and training community in Monterey County, with an average of 600 monthly PD engagements (1000 hours/month) to date in the 22-23 school year.  For context, AUSD has about 350 teachers.

    We are proud to regularly and deeply partner with the Curriculum and Instruction Department. We share a joint objective of more effective standards-based, Tier 1 instruction and collaboration through building edtech skills.

    425 Bardin Rd. Village RM.3 • Salinas, CA 93905
    (831) 753-5700 ext. 2040 • FAX (831) 796-3911

February 2022 Board Presentation

  • The vision for our department is to create an environment where:
    Educational technology will be a quintessential tool for teaching & learning equity; teachers will use edtech as facilitators of learning relevant to students’ lives, and students will use edtech to become analytical, self-directed learners who realize their potential to impact their community and the wider world.

  •  Department Staff

    Lisa Melashenko
    Technology Trainer TOSA
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    Elena Clemente
    Technology Trainer TOSA
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    Norma León

    Assistant to the Director, Education Technology

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