• Alisal Union School District 1:1 Summer Checkout Program encourages all 3rd, 4th & 5th grade students to keep their 1:1 student device over the summer! The AUSD Summer 1:1 Device Program will bring us closer to fulfilling the vision of learning. By keeping the Chromebook all year will drastically reduce the amount of instructional time lost collecting and distribution each spring and fall.  

    No action is necessary for parents, guardians and students to participate in the Summer 1:1 Device program. Students will simply keep their current Chromebook and charger at the end of the school year and return with them in the fall. The student acceptable use form that was signed by parent in the beginning of the school year will still be in effect over the summer.

    Parents, Guardians and Students who choose not to keep their Chromebook devices over the summer may email technologyservices.ausd@alisal.org  before June 10, 2019. We will collect your students' Chromebook before they leave for the summer.