Homegrown Heroes

    The Alisal Union School District (AUSD) can trace its history to the founding of Monterey County when in 1850, soon after California was admitted into the Union, the county was divided into five townships. According to “Schools in Monterey County,” a document produced in 1939 by a Monterey County librarian, Alisal Township was one of the five original towns in the county, and in keeping with tradition, these townships were soon declared “common school districts.”

    Class of 47-48

    There is a rich cultural and educational history in the Alisal and many AUSD alumni have gone on to contribute to society in diverse ways. “Cultivated in Alisal: Homegrown Heroes” is a first attempt to begin a systematic documentation and celebration of that history. We’ll be highlighting our alumni, beginning with employees, men and women who walked through our halls, sat in our classrooms, went on to carve their path in society and returned to the District to give back to our students. They’re everyday heroes, and we celebrate their contributions to our students’ success. Their history is our history, and we are the better for it.

    In addition to our employee alumni, we’d love to include in our documentation and celebration of our homegrown heroes AUSD alumni that have gone on to contribute to society, wherever that may be.

    Let us know if you, or somebody you know, attended the Alisal Union School District and would like to be featured in “Cultivated in Alisal Homegrown Heroes” We want to hear from you. Please fill out this form to take the first step.