• Elizabeth Armenta
    Principal, Alisal Community School
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    Dear Families,

    Let’s promote reading! Alisal Community School invites you to help us with our goal to increase reading skills in the areas of vocabulary and comprehension. Our goal is to promote and encourage- Reading to Learn, Reading for Fun, and Reading for Life.

    Please help us to make sure your child reads at home. Building a varied, broad vocabulary is crucial for children to improve their reading. One of the easiest ways to broaden you child’s vocabulary is to read to and with your child. Children are never too young nor too old to read to them. Listening to words, hearing them, and using it in a sentence helps your child learn and understand its meaning. Vocabulary words become a permanent part of their knowledge. Reading provides time together, reading practice and good language background.

     Also, make reading materials available; visit our public libraries. Our library, too, is also another wonderful resource. We have 1,000s of books available for your child to check out. Another idea is encourage your child to start his or her own library. Instead of buying your toys, expand their knowledge buy books.

    I encourage you to stay in communication with your child’s teacher. Your involvement and participation in school is the recipe for success for your child. Together we can make an enormous difference in your child’s achievement.

    Reading Strategy: Power of 3

    Try this strategy if you are looking for ways to in increase student achievement in reading... 1) Parent/guardian/sibling provides 3 items of information for the students to think about before they start reading the book/passage,

    2) Parent/guardian/sibling reads the first 3 pages, 3) Child reads the next 3 pages,

    4) Parent/guardian/sibling and Child stop and discuss for 3 minutes, 5) REPEAT...


    Mrs. Armenta