Ordering Curriculum Materials

  • Alisal Teachers,

    In order to ensure your order is complete and received on time please view the "How to Video" before ordering. 


    Ordering Process:

    1. Teacher makes a copy of the Curriculum Request Form.
    2. Teacher completes the Curriculum Request Form and shares it with the Library Specialist.
    3. Library Specialist reviews orders and submits the order to the Textbook Technician.
    4. Textbook Technician reviews orders and completes the order.  If the curriculum material being requested is not available it will be considered a backorder.
    5. Textbook Technician will submit all backorders to the Curriculum and Instruction Secretary.
    6. The Curriculum and Instruction Secretary will contact the textbook companies/publishers and request a quote for the missing material (up to 1 week turnaround window). 
    7. Once the quote is received a Purchase Order is generated and submitted to the company with the textbook order. The company will then fill the order which can take up to 4 weeks to be completed.