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    Dear Parents,

    We have missed your children and you during these first days of school closure! We are excited about the opportunity to reconnect with them through remote learning, beginning on Wednesday, March 25.  

    Throughout the coming weeks, in addition to our online academic instruction, AUSD School Counselors will be connecting with all students through weekly lessons and video messages.  Lessons will continue to provide instruction in the Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies as they have all year. During this time of uncertainty, our Counselors will provide practical tools and strategies through video messages for students.  Our Counselors will also recommend resources to guide and support parents throughout the coming weeks of remote learning. Please check for these messages on the AUSD webpage and site pages under the Counselor’s Corner, a resource that is presently under construction, and set to debut soon.

    While it is essential that we take care of both our physical and mental health at all times, there is an added imperative during times of stress and anxiety.  As adults, retaining balance in our lives through self-care is vital in ensuring our own health; it is also among the most important examples we can model for our children.  In support of a healthy balance for you and your family, please establish and maintain consistent routines. Daily schedules should include time for school and other work responsibilities, exercise, recreation and hobbies, and plenty of rest.  Structured daily routines during school closure will encourage a calm environment for your entire family, support your child’s academic learning, build skills for their lifelong success.

    Please stay safe and well!

    Christina Palmer

    Director, MTSS

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