• The Alisal Union School District provides transportation for students under specific conditions. Service may be modified by action of the Board of Trustees.


    Please remember . . .


    Reporting Absences: If your child does not need bus transportation, please contact the transportation department at 831-753-5793.


    Pick-up / Drop-off:  Students must be at their designated pick-up stop and ready to board at their scheduled pick-up time.  Students who are not met at drop-off will be returned to their school.


    Route/Times:  Pick-up and drop-off times may be adjusted throughout the year if there is an increase or decrease in the number of students on the same bus route.


    Pick-up/Drop-off Address Changes:  Changes to a student's pick-up or drop-off address may take up to three days to implement.


    Personal items:  Make sure all sweaters, jackets, backpacks, and other personal items are marked with the student's name. Any unmarked items left on the bus will be kept for one week and then donated to a charitable organization.


    School Bus Routes