• ALMA Next Steps CEC Visit

    March 21, 2017

    • Tuesday 3/21/17 afternoon (District Office: 1205 E. Market Street)
      • 1. Ann & Dr. Rico review of itinerary (12:30-12:50)  +  2. CSEA (1-2:20)  +  3. ALMA Steering Committee (2:30-4)
    • Wednesday 3/22/17 morning (Sánchez Ed Center: 901 North Sanborn Rd.)
      • Cohort 2 SLTs (8:30-11:30)
    • Wednesday afternoon (Sánchez Ed Center: 901 North Sanborn Rd.)
      • 1. Principals (12:30-1:50)  +  2. Directors (2:00-3:20)  +  3. ATA (3:30-5:00)
    • Thursday 3/23/17 morning (District Office: 1205 E. Market Street)
      • ALMA DLT (8:15-12)
    • Thursday afternoon (District Office: 1205 E. Market Street)                       
      • 1. Cohort 1 SLTs (1-3:50)  +  2. Cabinet (4-5:30)


    The purpose/goals for this week’s Consortium for Educational Change (CEC) visits are threefold:

    First, this week’s visits will provide key ALMA groups to meet with CEC representatives, Ann Cummins Bogan and Arlana Bedard, to discuss where they are in this initiative, next steps, engage in Q. & A. and receive some group-specific coaching.


    Second, this week’s visits will provide Cohort 2 SLTs (and us all) guidance from CEC on next steps with respect to the summaries they received when Ann Cummins Bogan and Brian Ritz visited them on January 30-31.


    Third, this week’s visits will allow our ALMA DLT members to, together, hear directly from CEC regarding the labor-management collaboration initiative in order to help get us all on the same page with respect to what it is, what it isn’t, it’s goals, etc. This is important since some members have attended one or more CEC, LMI, CalTURN PD sessions, while others have not yet had any opportunity to do so and, therefore, different folks have a different foundation or context for ALMA or the general labor-management collaboration initiative. In addition to our regular ALMA DLT members, we’re inviting the folks who recently attended the CalTURN PD in Sacramento and those who attended the LMI PD series in Santa Clara/Milpitas to also attend our ALMA DLT meeting this time (Thursday, March 23, 8:05am-12pm in the district office).


    Lastly, as evident, there are many details involved, not just for this week’s CEC visits, but for ALMA, in general. In the ALMA spirit, let’s all help each other make this week and, in general, ALMA a great success, whether it’s making sure we don’t miss anyone in the communication, securing the substitutes (or informing HR not to get a sub if you can’t attend), or other details. ALMA offers us a great opportunity to improve communication, collaboration, decision-making and, ultimately, student success. This week, therefore, will provide us the next opportunity to make progress on our implementation of ALMA and our goal of continuous improvement.