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Elizabeth Armenta, Principal

Dear Families:


As our school year draws to a close, I would like to thank all of the parents and guardians who volunteered to help the staff at Alisal Community provide an enriched experience for our children and families.  I truly appreciate all the time and support you contributed to our staff, children and families.  Your endless support and involvement in the programs and activities at Alisal Community School helped us have a successful school year.  It is nice to be partners in the education of “our children”.


We certainly had a great year at Alisal Community! I want to thank our staff for their hard work and their concerns for our students.  They truly worked diligently in educating our students. We are also very proud of our student’s efforts in the CST Testing.  We made significant efforts to prepare our students. Their readiness is a testimony to the hard work of our students and staff.  Thank you.


Our sixth graders are busy preparing for their move to middle school. They had visits from the middle school staff to talk about the differences between elementary and middle school and they even toured La Paz or El Sausal Middle Schools.  Their year ended with their 6th grade promotion and a field trip to Great America.  We wish them all the best as they move on to a new chapter in their lives.



On another note, it is with heartfelt words that I inform you that I will be leaving the position of principal at Alisal Community School. It has been a pleasure to serve as principal since November 2008. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to serve you, your children and this outstanding school community and hope you know I am especially proud of our students. I look forward to hearing great things about their accomplishments as they continue their education at Alisal Community School and beyond.


I feel so fortunate to have made such caring and generous friends through the many events and activities we held. I will miss you all.



In closing, I bid you all a fond farewell, and know that ACS will be in good hands next year.  I wish you and your family a happy, healthy, safe and fun filled summer.  Enjoy!           

                                    With warmest regards,

                                           Mrs. Armenta