Educational Services

1300 Tuscany Blvd. • Salinas, CA 93905
(831) 753-5700 ext. 2012 • FAX (831) 796-3911

Quoc Tran

Associate Superintendent of Educational Services, Educational Services

Maria Barajas

Administrative Assistant, Educational Services

The goal of our Educational Services Department is to provide the leadership, services, and professional development that support our schools in meeting the needs of our diverse learners. Our department works closely with our school staff to ensure students receive a quality instructional program focusing on mastery of state content standards, and the achievement of academic literacy and math proficiency. We utilize district and state assessment data, to support differentiated instruction and intervention that meet student’s academic and language needs.

The department works as a Professional Learning Community to keep the focus on improving the achievement of all learners, and to accelerate our achievement growth. We provide ongoing teacher training and support through instructional coaches and intensive professional development opportunities for both teachers and administrators.

We collaborate with our parents, families and community partners to provide services and workshops that support all students being ready to learn on a daily basis. We welcome the involvement of parents in their student's education, through governance advisory roles, learning at home and volunteering in the classroom.

The department’s key services include:

  • Curriculum adoption and implementation support
  • Professional development for teachers and administrators
  • Testing and evaluation
  • Categorical Program Planning and Monitoring
  • English Learner Programs and Services
  • Special Education Services
  • Migrant Education Programs and Services
  • After School Programs
  • Parent Education and Engagement