Board Vision and Goals Statement


Board Vision Statement

We are committed to the success of each student, and to the involvement and improvement of our community, holding high expectations and striving for excellence.

Board Goals

Goal 1:

Student Achievement
Goal Statement: Each student will be provided with an array of rigorous academic learning experiences, coupled with unique enrichment opportunities.

Goal 2:

Parent and Community Involvement
Goal Statement: The District will cultivate a caring and inclusive relationship with the community, engaging all families as active participants in student learning.

Goal 3:

High Quality Personnel

Goal Statement:

The District will ensure that high quality staff is hired to provide a superior education for all students.

Goal 4:

Safe Schools
Goal Statement: Alisal students will be provided with a clean, safe learning environment that nurtures each student’s potential to succeed.

Goal 5:

Budget Solvency
Goal Statement: The District budget will be maintained in a solvent manner with a stable reserve, and whereby decisions support the best interests and needs of the students.

Goal 6:

Goal Statement: The District will establish transparent and respectful communication with its employees, parents, and community at-large, and ensure that efficient systems and practices operate throughout the District.