Slide Show: AUSD celebrates Cinco de Mayo 2017

Posted Friday, May 05, 2017

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All across the district, students and staff honored the commemoration of the Battle of Puebla on Cinco de Mayo 2017. Take a look at the colorful outfits and styles sported by students and staff at Fremont and Cesar Chavez schools, the festive decorations on display at Bardin Elementary School, and the adorable little ones in our First Five Playgroups. 


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Alisal Education Foundation honors employees, raises money for science camp

Posted Monday, April 24, 2017

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The Alisal Education Foundation hosted its annual Employee Recognition Dinner/Dance on April 21 at the Salinas Sports Complex. 

Hundreds of employees were in attendance to honor Alisal workers for their outstanding efforts this school year. The evening included a silent auction, a performance from Mariachi Juvenil Alma de Mexico, and music from Monterey Bay Sound Machine. 

The highlight was the presentation of 2017 award honorees. Former Associate Superintendent of Educational Services Jeanne H. Herrick was given the Lifetime Achievement Award in Educational Services. Former District Superintendent Rubén H. Pulido was given the Lifetime Achievement Award as a community member. 

The following employees were also honored for their contributions this year. 

Alisal Community School Rudy Muñoz, Martin Gutierrez
Bardin Elementary School Edith Avila, Marisol Pamatz
Cesar E. Chávez School Antonia Galvan, Josefina Muñoz
Creekside Elementary School Jennifer Barraza, Abraham Ancheta, Rosa Gurrero
Frank Paul Elementary School Blanca Montoya, Stephanie Coffin
Fremont Elementary School Martha Ayala, Clara Fernandez
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Academy Rosa Carranza, Patricia Rodriguez
Dr. Oscar F. Loya Elementary School Aurora Olivarez, Irma Marroquin
Monte Bella Elementary School Kenneth Cho, Alma Sanchez
Virginia Rocca Barton Elementary School Thelma Vela, Sandra Lopez
Jesse G. Sánchez Elementary School Marisela Mendoza, Rosemary Verdugo
John E. Steinbeck Elementary School Erin Ortwig, Sergio Muríllo
District Office Maritza Salazar, Norma Cadriel
MOTS Department David Cisneros
Food Services Tina Wallace
Technology Department Michael Ornelas

According to foundation president Ricardo Reyes, the foundation has awarded more than $70,000 in grants to further student learning. It has also sponsored events that support the community. 

In partnership with the District, the foundation started the Kids to Camp campaign to raise funds for science camp. For the past 10 years, the foundation has awarded scholarships to deserving students unable to pay the cost of attending science camp. The campaign also helps cover the cost of student transportation to and from camp. 



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Alisal Community Arts Network trailer unveils new look for Nor Cal Percussion Alliance event

Posted Thursday, April 20, 2017

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The Alisal Union School District’s All-Star Drumline and Color Guard proudly unveiled a newly decorated trailer before traveling to the 2017 Northern California Percussion Alliance (NCPA) Competition.

Held April 8 in Union City, the competition brings out the best percussion teams in the region. The NCPA is a non-profit organization that provides a competitive and educational performance outlet for Northern California indoor percussion ensembles. 

This year, 52 Alisal Union School District students performed in the event. Alisal students have performed at the event two years in a row. They are the first and only elementary age performers to participate in the event.  

Prior to the performance, the Alisal Community Arts Network (ACAN) unveiled its logo and performance trailer to the public. As students lined up outside Jesse G. Sanchez Elementary School for a surprise, the trailer slowly rolled through the parking lot. It was met with loud cheering and delight from students, parents and program organizers.

The trailer was long overdue to transport the extensive equipment needed to for parades and performances.  The trailer was funded by the Lucille Packard Foundation, and wrapped by the district to promote the wide-ranging musical talents of our students.  The trailer also proudly exemplifies the four tenants of ACAN’s music program – Dignity, Integrity, Leadership and Excellence alongside the district’s logo and the words “Siempre Adelante.” 

The ACAN logo depicts an indigenous eagle which represents vision and protectors of the earth. For the members of ACAN, it is important to honor the culture of our community, and do our part to nurture and protect it by stepping up and offering life options for students that represent core values.  

This momentous occasion was also marked by a range of community collaborators.  We are very grateful to AUSD, the Packard Foundation, Central Coast Sign and Design, Tacos 3 Hermanos, Alisal Center for the Fine Arts and the Alisal Community Arts Network for their commitment to this movement. 

Several staff and parent volunteers also attended the event.  Special thanks to office staff from Chávez and Sánchez Schools, ACAN Director Joshua Alfaro, Mr. John Jiménez , Principal of Fremont School, Dr. Carissa Purnell of the Alisal Family Resource Center, and our Superintendent Dr. Héctor Rico.  

This level of collaboration  proudly represents the great things that can happen and endless possibilities when community comes together for the advancement of our children.

Written by Alicia Fletcher, Program Manager, First 5 and Extended Learning



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Spotlight: Ed Tech TOSA Trainer George Lopez

Posted Tuesday, March 14, 2017

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It's a bright Monday morning in late February in Ms. Lopez's third grade class at Fremont School and Ed Tech TOSA George Lopez is entrusting students with some powerful learning tools. 

But before he can engage them in cool ways to share a report on their favorite sport using Google Classroom, he has to solve tiny problem: getting the students all logged into their computers. 

"I wasn't expecting to do that management piece," Lopez shared later, referring to the time spent at the start of his session instructing students on how to log into Google Classroom for the first time. As education technology continuously shapes the look and feel of 21st century classrooms, Lopez has learned to adapt along the way, with grace and ease similar to his friendly style in the classroom. 

After everyone was logged in, Lopez introduced the Google Classroom interface and folders they would be working in. He also explained their functions. 

"You know how the teacher hands out paper assignments to all of you?" Lopez asked. "I'm going to do that, but through here."

There were audible gasps as the students watched Lopez demonstrate how to access their new online storage folders.

Lopez is a Teacher on Special Assignment in the Alisal Union School District's Education Technology Department. When he's not busy with teacher training and helping draft professional development sessions for certificated staff, he's in the classroom instructing students on Google Classroom tools and digital citizenship.

Lopez said it's important to teach students not only how to use the tools required to turn in assignments, but also how to be responsible with the information they receive and have access to. During his presentation, he lets students know that if they share any inappropriate material or somehow damage with another student's project, the teacher will be able to find out who did what. 

Lopez walked students through their assignment, creating a Google Slide report on their favorite sport. Students learned how to select an image of their favorite sport (a lot of students picked soccer), as well as type a caption and a sentence explaining why they liked their particular sport. 

When they were done, students submitted their work to their teacher with the click of a button. 

"Google Classroom is a powerful tool. It allows teachers to send out material and collect it from a remote place, as well as schedule assignments," said Lopez. 

Other benefits include decreased lesson planning for substitute teachers when a teacher is absent (teachers can simply download videos and other materials for a substitute to review) and access from home when a student is absent. 

Make sure you check out the slideshow from Ms. Garcia's classroom. 


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