Soup's on the Supt. April 26, 2017


Ms. Verónica Castro:

La Sra. Castro sirve a nuestro distrito como un miembro activo del Concilio Escolar o, en inglés, School Site Council, de la escuela Dr. Oscar F. Loya. Ella pasa horas como voluntariado en el aula para apoyar a su hijo, un estudiante de primer grado en Loya.

La señora Castro es una persona muy dedicada. Ella es una colaboradora que trabaja muy duro. También es una persona que siempre está dispuesta a apoyar a la escuela de cualquier manera. La Sra. Castro es muy respetada por el personal docente y los padres. Ella trabaja bien con todo el personal docente, padres, y se dedica a hacer a la escuela Loya una escuela mejor. También es una solucionador de problemas y siempre está buscando maneras de conseguir que más padres de familia se conviertan en participantes activos en la educación de sus hijos. Sin duda, ella es un gran beneficio para la escuela Loya. Le damos las gracias por todo lo que hace para ayudar en la escuela Loya. Por todo esto, expresamos nuestro agradecimiento a la Sra. Verónica Castro.


Certificated (non-management)

Ms. Rosa Mejía:

Ms. Mejía serves our district as a 3rd Grade Bilingual Teacher at Dr. Oscar F. Loya School. She has

served our district since August 2012, or almost 5 years. 

Mrs. Mejia is a committed and dedicated professional educator.  She is always willing to go beyond her call of duty for student safety and academic achievement.  Her positive charisma contributes positively to the school’s culture.  She is always seeking ways to grow professionally.  She is part of Loya’s Instructional Leadership Team, school-wide committees, and happily attended the Chula Vista Learning Trip.  Moreover, she regularly attends trainings to grow professionally and be able to support students and her team of teachers.  She does not hesitate to go beyond her call of duty for students.  Being new to Loya’s 3rd grade team, Mrs. Mejia has demonstrated commitment to our students by spending numerous hours learning in depth the Common Core Grade Level Standards, curriculum, and students’ needs.  She is without a doubt a true asset to our Loya Community. For all this, we extend our gratitude to Ms. Rosa Mejía.

Classified (non-management)

Ms. Rosa González Rivas:

Ms. Rivas serves our district as a Migrant Family Service Advocate within the Educational Services Department. She has served our district since October, 2000, or over 16 years, starting as a Health Aide and then serving for many years as an Outreach Advisor.

Her colleagues have thoroughly enjoyed working with Ms. Rivas and have come to know her as a truly valuable resource to the Migrant Education Program. She is honest, dependable and incredibly hard working. Beyond that, as the daughter of Migrant parents, she knows first-hand the realities of the families with whom she works. As a migrant family, they worked in the fields, cutting, picking or packing many local fruits and vegetables in our valley. She grew up in the Strawberry fields but, like most parents, her parents didn’t want their children working in the fields. Her parents were active in the schools, including serving on the school site council. Moreover, they made it clear to their children that had to fight for what was right, which is where she gets her belief that La union hace la fuerza, as well as her passion for community advocacy. 

Her experience as a Migrant Family Services Advocate has not only helped individual students but has provided many community resources to migrant families in need. She is level headed and does not easily jump to conclusions. Ms. Rivas brings many years of experience working with community agencies and helping families with different needs. Those experiences have provided many resources that have provided families with a myriad of services for the migrant population. Her tireless effort to find and bring those community agencies and topics of interest for families to improve their quality of life has made her an important and integral part of the Alisal USD Migrant Education Program. For all this, we extend our gratitude to Ms. Rosa González Rivas


Ms. Alicia Fletcher:

Ms. Fletcher serves our district as a Program Manager within our Educational Services

Department. She has served our district since November 1998, or over 18 years.

Her range of experiences within the District include classroom teacher, assistant principal, principal, and director. She was an excellent classroom teacher, excelling in primary grade instruction and understanding the supports our children and families need to succeed. Her work as an administrator is grounded in that background. In her capacity as program manager, she oversees multiple support and enrichment programs, including the after school expanded learning programs, our amazing sports programs, and the Saturday ADA recovery programs, including NASA Academy and CoderDojo. She also helps facilitate our extensive music programs, working with external partners such as YoSal, or Youth Orchestra of Salinas and ACAN, or Alisal Community Arts Network, who lead our District’s talented All-Star Drumline and Color Guard.

Ms. Fletcher is an exemplary, deeply committed leader who strives to continuously improve the quality of the program to ensure that our students have the best experiences possible. For years, she has stood out in the community not only as an educator, but advocate for the entire community. From the arts, access to health care services, to immigration rights, Mrs. Fletcher has been a voice for our children and families. She is committed to growing all that is beautiful and, through her work, has allowed that to happen. So many staff and others who call this community home are grateful to have a powerful leader like her making culture, art, and education possible for our students and community. For all this, we extend our gratitude to Ms. Alicia Fletcher.