About the ALMA


May 16

Visit from CEC

Consortium for Educational Change supporting and planning out ALMA's future.

Mar 21

ALMA Next Steps CEC Visit

The purpose/goals for this week’s Consortium for Educational Change (CEC) visits are threefold: First, this week’s visits will provide key ALMA groups to meet with CEC representatives, Ann Cummins Bogan and Arlana Bedard, to discuss where they are in this initiative, next steps, engage in Q. & A. and receive some group-specific coaching...


ALMA Events

There are currently no events available.


The Alisal Labor Management Accord (ALMA) Team, comprised of District Staff, focuses on collaboration and communication by all stakeholders to create a culture of “we” that will teach the whole child and close the achievement gap for our students. The ALMA Team will model and support a culture of collaboration where all stakeholders are a part of supporting AUSD initiatives that will lead to continuous improvement in our district as a system.
  • Focus on creating a school system rather than a system of schools
  • Build a system-wide capacity focused on listening and learning together -- a culture of “we”
  • Increase student achievement through empowerment and support of School Leadership Teams
  • Using agreed upon data, identifies and diagnoses needs and targeted supports; then monitors the progress of the supports to empower students through learning
  • Communicates results of system wide accomplishments, challenges, and opportunities for improvement with internal and external communities in the learning system
Approximately 50% of ALMA Team is made up of labor and 50% of management and includes the following:
  • Representative from school and district community (teachers, paraeducators, maintenance, etc.)
  • AUSD Board Members
  • AUSD Superintendent
  • AUSD Associate Superintendents
  • ATA Leadership
  • CSEA Leadership
  • AUSD Directors
  • AUSD Principals